Diarrhea Holistic Triple Whammy small dog

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Natural Vet Remedies Brand 

1 each of

Steri Calm 0.5oz Venus -Fly Trap  Contains powerful enzymes that are capable of digesting pathogenic protein structures such as those causiing digestive disorders. 

Terra Luma 4oz  A pure white solution of Betonite clay, it is known to bind to toxins and inactivate bacteria in the digestive tract. 

 Intesti-Tune 98 grams Fast effective diarrhea relief with Probiotics SBOs (Soil Based Organisms), Lithothamnium, Diatomaceous earth, Fibrose, L-Glutamine, Slippery Elm, Plant based digestive enzymes, Bromelain, Beef Liver Flavor.


Veterinary Prescription Required 

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