Complete Bitch Canine - small dog 105g
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Complete Bitch Canine - small dog 105g

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  • Item #: CBC105
  • Manufacturer: CompleteVites, LLC
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Complete Bitch Canine powder is a synergistic blend of nutrients designed for the high demands of the breeding bitch. We start with a complete blend of vitamins and mineral in a hydrolyzed (hypoallergenic) chicken base. We added omega fatty acids, biotin, folic acid, antioxidants, and digestive enzymes to help with the absorption of the nutrients. Your litters' health begins and the cellular level even before conception. CBC was designed to optimized the health of your bitch and provide the nutrients for the development of health eggs, keep the uterus in good health and to aid in the proper development of the feti (multiple fetus'). Healthy bitch, healthy uterus, healthy puppies! That is our sincere goal! 90 day supply for a 10lb dog. The powder can be sprinkled onto moistened food. It can be split between meals.
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